Emergency Medicine Residents of Ohio (EMRO)


EMRO is a committee within the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. EMRO serves as the voice of the Ohio ACEP resident members by communicating recommendations to the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors.

EMRO's goal is to help meet the needs of Ohio's EM residents and to provide medical students and residents with career-enhancing resources, including education, opportunities for advocacy activity, and networking with emergency medicine attendings and residents throughout the state.

Any resident who joins Ohio ACEP automatically becomes a member of EMRO. Ohio ACEP encourages interested EMRO members to attend any scheduled EMRO Committee meetings and Ohio ACEP Board of Directors Meetings.

EMRO also has a voice and vote on the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors. Each year, the members of EMRO elect one of their own to serve as the EMRO representative on the Board.

The current EMRO Board of Directors Member is Brooke Pabst, MD. Contact Dr. Pabst at emro@ohacep.org

Welcome to Ohio ACEP!

Brooke Pabst MDAs Chair of EMRO, my job is to represent my fellow EM residents on the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors.

As a resident member of Ohio ACEP, you’re also a member of the Emergency Medicine Residents of Ohio (EMRO), and I want to make sure you know about the benefits that come with Ohio ACEP/EMRO membership.

So how does Ohio ACEP support Ohio’s EM physicians? Our work is guided by three core areas—Advocacy, Education, and Leadership.

Ohio ACEP understands that we became emergency physicians to treat patients, save lives, and help ensure everyone gets the medical care they need; not to worry about whether we will be reimbursed or be able to pay our student loans. That’s why Ohio ACEP fights for reforms like:

  • Fair payment
  • Limited liability for EMTALA care
  • Patient access to quality emergency care
  • The challenge of ED boarding and crowding
  • Removing administrative burdens — so we can focus on providing the best care for our patients.

Ohio ACEP offers some of the best board review resources and courses anywhere, along with resident events and discounts designed to help us thrive, both professionally and personally.

Part of Ohio ACEP’s commitment to resident and medical student members is a focus on physician leadership development:

  • Ohio ACEP EM AssemblySave the date! March 20, 2019
  • Peer and mentorship networks
  • Residency visits
  • Resident and medical student Poster Competition

Get Involved – The easiest way for residents and medical students to get involved is to be an active member of the EMRO Committee. Interested? Let me know!

Stay Up-to-Date – We will also keep you updated with our monthly eNews and Advocacy Updates.

It’s an honor to have been elected to serve you, and I want you to get the most out of your membership. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email.

Again, welcome! 

Brooke Pabst, MD
Ohio ACEP Board of Directors
Chair, EMRO