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Ohio ACEP Board of Directors and Councillor Candidates




Ohio ACEP Board of Directors and Councillor Candidates

At the Annual Meeting on July 28, 2009, at the Kalahari Resort, Ohio ACEP Board members shall be elected by ballot by majority vote of the Chapter membership present. Board members shall serve for three years or until their successors are elected. Board members have no term limits and may run for consecutive terms. Their terms of office shall begin at the close of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected. There are six seats available in 2009 for three year terms and six declared candidates.

The declared candidates include, in alphabetical order (Click here for bios):

Eileen F. Baker, MD, FACEP (Incumbent Candidate)
Bowling Green, Ohio

Robert Broida, MD, FACEP (Incumbent Candidate)
Akron, Ohio

Jason Cheatham, DO, FACEP
Portsmouth, Ohio

Thomas Lukens, MD, PhD, FAAEM, FACEP (Incumbent Candidate)
Cleveland, Ohio

Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP (Incumbent Candidate)
Toledo, Ohio

John Russ, MD, RDMS, FACEP
Toledo, Ohio

There are also five available Chapter Council seats. Declared candidates include current Councillors eligible for re-election to a two-year term: Eileen F. Baker, MD, FACEP (Bowling Green); Kevin M. Klauer, DO, FACEP (Canton); Catherine A. Marco, MD, FACEP (Toledo); and Daniel R. Martin, MD, FACEP (Westerville).

Alternate Councillors are also needed. If a Councillor is not present at a College Council meeting, an Alternate Councillor will be seated in place of the absent Councillor.

At the Annual Meeting of the Chapter, the members of the Chapter present shall, by majority vote, elect Councillors to fill those positions which will not automatically be filled by the incoming President or by Councillors serving unexpired terms. The total number of Councillors shall be determined by the number of members on the membership roll on December 31 of each preceding year. Ohio Chapter ACEP has been allotted twelve (12) Councillors for the October 2009 Council meeting in Boston.

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