2015-2016 LDA Class

Congratulations LDA Graduates!

Dr. Laura Espy-Bell Laura Espy-Bell, MD MHA Dr. Lucy FranjicLucy Franjic, MD  Dr. Erica KubeErika Kube, MD, FACEP  Dr. Gerald MaloneyGerald Maloney, DO, FACEP Dr. Jack PalmerJack Palmer, MD, MS  Dr. Daniel SchwerinDaniel Schwerin, MD, FACEP Dr. Ryan SquierRyan Squier, MD 


The Academy offers participants instructional sessions and guided real-world experience in the arenas of political advocacy, public education and leadership. Members of each annual class learn valuable skills to advance their careers and the profession of emergency medicine.

LDA Resources:
Guidelines for Writing Resolutions
Leadership Make a Difference
The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
LDAs Judging Quiz Show
August 12 & 13, 2015 Welcome and Orientation: The Academy members met for the first time in Columbus, Ohio. The session gave the new LDA Class an introduction to the Advocacy, Education and Leadership pillars of Ohio ACEP as well as a chance to meet many state and national emergency medicine leaders.

September 28 & 29, 2015 Leadership Challenge: The Leadership Development Academy members participated in the Leadership Challenge at the inspirational SparkSpace Meeting Center. The Leadership Challenge curriculum was focused on the Leadership Practices Inventory or LPI which explores the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership:
Model The Way
Inspire A Shared Vision
Challenge The Process
Enable Others To Act
Encourage The HeartOhio ACEP at Council 2015

October 23 - 25, 2015 ACEP Council: The LDA Class took Boston by storm, as they joined ACEP members from all over the country to gather at the ACEP Council meeting. The LDA Class members actively served as Alternate Councillors representing Ohio ACEP's members. Each year, Council meets for two days in conjunction with the College’s Annual Meeting - "ACEP15" to deliberate and vote on Board of Directors candidates, potential changes to ACEP Bylaws and proposed Resolutions that—if adopted—will guide ACEP initiatives, allocate funds and set policies in the coming years.

December 9, 2015 Strategic Planning: The LDA Class joined the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors in planning Ohio ACEP's future initiatives in Advocacy, Education, and Leadership.

April 18, 2016 A Look at Leadership: The LDA Class will gathered to learn from some of the Chapters most influential leaders - from the past and present!

The LDA GraduatesApril 19, 2016 Ohio Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum:
The LDA Class will joined respected EM physicians, legislators, senators, and aides at the EM Forum. Emergency Medicine Leadership Forum blends the best in medical education, with physician advocacy, leadership topics, and networking with state and national physician leaders and Ohio’s elected leaders. Event presentations and panels focused on leadership topics which impact emergency physicians and patient care. These proud LDA graduates received their diplomas at the EM Forum.

May 15 - 18, 2016 Leadership and Advocacy Conference: 
Emergency physicians from all over the country, including our Leadership Class from Ohio, will converge on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, for the National ACEP annual Leadership and Advocacy Conference. The Conference features meetings with legislators, media training and opportunities to learn how to effectively advocate for emergency medicine. The Leadership and Advocacy Conference is the Capstone experience of the Leadership Development Academy because the physician who understands how to engage with public officials, the press and the public is emergency medicine’s best possible advocate. 


Check out the LDAs and Ohio Delegation in Boston!



LDA Graduates!

Ohio ACEP has a rich history of helping to develop leaders who have moved on to prominence in local, state and national emergency medicine leadership roles. We are rightfully proud of these leaders.

Class of 2016
Laura Espy-Bell, MD
Lucy Franjic, MD
Erika Kube, MD, FACEP
Gerald Maloney, DO, FACEP
Jack Palmer, MD
Daniel Schwerin, MD, FACEP
Ryan Squier, MD

Class of 2015

Baruch Fertel, MD
Julian Jakubowski, DO
Nicole Veitinger, DO
Andrea Kreiger, MD

Class of 2013

Eric Adkins, MD, FACEP
Saurin Bhatt, MD, FACEP
Deb Kimball, MD
Brad Raetzke, MD, FACEP
Ali Southern, MD, FACEP
Melissa Tscheiner, MD, FACEP

Class of 2010
Purva Grover, MD, FACEP
Venk Kambhampati, MD, FACEP
Michael J. McCrea, MD, FACEP
Mohamad Moussa, MD
Michael D. Nauss, MD, FACEP
Sarah Orlousky, MD, FACEP
Matthew J. Sanders, DO, FACEP

Class of 2008
Ryan J. Agema, MD
Erin K. Broderick, MD, FACEP
Jason E. Cheatham, DO, FACEP
Nicholas E. Kman, MD, FACEP
Sara Laskey, MD, FACEP
Morgan Li, MD
Howard K. Mell, MD, FACEP

Class of 2007
Kevin M. Casey, DO, FACEP
CC Halloran, MD, FACEP
Andrew Jacques, MD, FACEP
Jennifer Kish, DO, FACEP
Kerry McCabe, DO, FACEP
Michael D. Smith MD, FACEP