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Cost Savings for EMS & Fire Departments

Did you know that the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (ODAS) has a Cooperative Purchasing Program that offers Ohio counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, public libraries, regional park districts and other political subdivisions the benefits and costs savings of buying goods and services through state contracts? 

In addition to items approved for purchase by the Ohio EMS Grant Program, there are also opportunities for savings on a multitude of items such as automotive and vehicle supplies, emergency response supplies and equipment, communication equipment, computer hardware and software, office supplies, printing and many more items.  In a time of diminishing public funding, this program offers a great opportunity to stretch public dollars.  Those EMS and fire departments who have participated reported significant savings. 

For more information and to obtain details on how to participate in the program and how to find savings, go to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services website at and click on the cooperative purchasing program icon or call Renee at ODAS at 614-466-6530.



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