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State of Ohio Training Needs Assessment - Survey

The Ohio Department of Public Safety (DPS) has initiated a statewide project to assess current training needs. The project is an all-disciplines, ground-up approach to identify training gaps currently experienced by public safety and disaster support agencies in the State. Information collected during the project will be used to develop training opportunities to address critical training gaps reported by agencies. Consequently, your participation is needed to ensure your agency’s training needs are understood and considered during the development of future trainings.

To collect information concerning training needs, DPS has contracted with Tetra Tech to develop a web-based survey. The following discipline-specific training needs surveys are available:

- Agency Information and Common Trainings (all agencies should complete this)
- Agriculture
- Emergency Management
- Emergency Medical Service
- Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD)
- Fire Services (includes Hazmat and S&R disciplines)
- Government/Administration
- Hospital and Health Care
- Law Enforcement
- Mass Care
- Public Health
- Public Safety Communications
- Public Works 

Please visit the website, to establish your account. On average, each survey can be completed in about 15 minutes. More than one individual may access the same survey over the course of the project. Partially completed surveys can be saved by users and completed over multiple sessions, if needed.

Once you have made your account, go to and complete all surveys that are relevant to your agency. The survey will be available to your agency on August 4, 2011 and remain open until November 11, 2011. At the completion of the survey, Tetra Tech will begin the process of compiling data that will be provided to DPS for analysis. Since the information collected in this survey will be instrumental in selecting future training opportunities, please take the time to completely fill out all necessary forms for your agency.

Thank you for your participation in this critical endeavor.



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