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ITLS Launches Blended-Learning Instructor Course

Mandatory July 1, 2016

This course combines an online component with a classroom component in a program designed to better prepare instructors with the skills and knowledge to deliver ITLS training more effectively to a global audience.

To register and purchase the Online Component, instructor candidates will visit:

Access to the online program is instantaneous and will take students approximately 3 hours to complete.

The Online Component is built on a foundation of adult education principles. It is composed of 8 interactive modules with video examples to illustrate the course's core teachings.

To become an ITLS Instructor, the student must:

  1. Successfully complete an Advanced ITLS Provider course.
  2. Earn the Instructor Potential designation by achieving specific scores on both the Written and Practical Exams at the Provider course:
    1. At least 86% on the Written Exam
    2. Excellent on the Patient Assessment Practical Exam
  3. Purchase the Instructors Course Online Component within 6 months of 'IP' designation.  
  4. Complete the Instructor Course Online Component, attend an Instructor Course Classroom Component, and be monitored teaching by an ITLS Ohio Affiliate Faculty member at an ITLS Provider course within 1 year of beginning the Online Component.

The Classroom Component is a live course at which instructor candidates will learn how to teach skill stations, administer testing procedures, and evaluate student performance. Instructor candidates will practice techniques to become better instructors. It is a required step to earning ITLS Instructor certification.

More information is available at at: 

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