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Volunteer Department Wellness Program Support

Health and wellness of firefighters is an important part of a volunteer department’s safety program. Heart attack, obesity, and cancer rates continue to be a concern. These are almost always preventable health issues, and department leadership can support their firefighters by developing health and wellness programs.

For departments who don’t yet have an active health and wellness program but feel they need to start one, there may be help. Through a Research and Development grant by FEMA, a project is in the works to test an online wellness program, and they need volunteer departments interested in creating a wellness program.

This program is offered at no cost. Departments will be visited by the project team several times to determine health factors affecting members and individual firefighter data will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone. The program will allow departmental access to:

• The full online program;

• Individual health coaching;

• A summary of the department’s report;

• Access to a nationally recognized team of fire service researchers.

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