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Ohio Division of EMS Updates Adult EMS Guidelines and Procedures Manual


The Ohio Division of EMS has updated the State of Ohio Adult EMS Guidelines and Procedures Manual.

The utilization of waveform capnography is mandatory for all patients requiring invasive airway devices with the exception of stable patients with no cardiac or pulmonary complaints or symptoms unless ordered by the transferring physician.

As used in this rule, an invasive airway device is any airway device inserted or pre-positioned into a patient's airway by means of the mouth, directly into the trachea, or into the trachea by means of a tracheostomy tube, cricothyrotomy or nasotracheal intubation. Dual lumen and extraglottic airways, even though they are blindly inserted into the hypopharynx or the esophagus, are considered invasive airway devices.

Click HERE to view the updated Adult EMS Guidelines and Procedures Manual or view the attached document.

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