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EMS and Fire Department Personnel Recognized During National EMS Week

The week of May 20 has been designated as National EMS Week by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). All across the country, first responders and pre-hospital care providers are being recognized for their dedication to the health and safety of their fellow citizens.

EMS and pre-hospital care is a vital and sometimes overlooked component of the nation’s health and public safety systems. In addition to honoring the work performed by EMS practitioners, National EMS Week is designed to raise awareness about the importance of the profession.

In a Presidential Proclamation released on Monday, President Obama declared, “During Emergency Medical Services Week, we honor their essential contributions to our health and safety, and we recommit to supporting all EMS personnel as they carry out their courageous work.”

On Wednesday, May 16, Ohio ACEP proudly hosted the 14th Annual EMS Star of Life Awards. This ceremony is held each year to celebrate the outstanding EMS practitioners across the State of Ohio. During the ceremony, many of Ohio’s amazing EMS professionals are presented with awards for their work and reunited with the people whose lives they helped save.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2012 Star of Life Awards. For a full list of winners and nominees, be sure to visit our EMS Star of Life page.

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