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Ohio Leads the Nation with Health Care Providers Signed up for EHRs

Ohio leads the nation with 5,000 physicians and health care providers signed up for electronic health records. Check for details. In related news, research published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that federal investments in EHRs could reap major benefits in better patient care and health outcomes. A study based in the Cleveland involving more than 27,000 adults with diabetes found that those in physician practices using EHRs were significantly more likely to have health care and outcomes that align with accepted standards than those where doctors rely on paper records.  Improvements in care and outcomes over a three-year period also proved greater among patients in EHR practices. The study’s findings remained consistent for patients regardless of insurance type, including the uninsured as well as patients insured by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers. The research involved more than 500 primary care physicians in 46 practices that are partners in a region-wide collaborative called Better Health Greater Cleveland. (Ohio Osteopathic Association e-news 9/2/11)

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